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I'm a geek that loves solving problems.
Experienced in digital product & strategy – I enjoy playing with UX & code.
- Works at Argos/Home Retail Group
- Lives in Milton Keynes
- Drives an EV
- Runs regularly; eats more so


Pebble are crowdfunding their next smartwatches on Kickstarter again - it looks like there's still an appetite for simple smartwatches after all.

Not sure how I feel about the watches yet - they will offer heart rate monitoring and a slightly bigger screen, but aside from that, very little else. Do we have nothing more than incremental updates to look forward to in the smartwatch market?


Beyond the Roundabout: Episode 3 - Milton Keynes; App store reviews; 360-degree videos

In our third episode, Paul and I chat about:
- Milton Keynes
- A lesson in app store reviews
- 360-degree videos

Beyond the Roundabout is a conversational podcast from two British tech professionals who want to share their opinion on the UK tech scene inside & outside of London, startups and anything else which takes our fancy.