Alex Hansford

Digital product director; Sci-fi geek; Dad; EV driver; Borderline millennial. 😉

I’ve lead product and development teams for over 15 years, building great mobile apps and web experiences. I bring enthusiasm, broad experience and a healthy dose of pragmatism.

Currently senior product manager at an innovative bank. Recently product managers at Funding Circle, Santander, Argos – head of product for several fintech startups too.

Work skills 🌍🚀✍️

  • Digital strategy and product
  • Agile development from conception to launch + beyond
  • Scrum master & team leader
  • Customer-led and pragmatic design

Interests 💻🚴🏃

  • All things tech, smart homes & gadgets
  • Drives an EV and rides a Brompton
  • Running

Projects 🎙️

Old friends get together to chat about all and sundry in the world of Geekerytainment.