A day in the life of Eagle Labs

Good to see that even old banks are embracing co-working spaces and encouraging a new way of working. Encouraging co-working/incubator story #ad from @barclays @eagle_labs - not in MK yet though. :( — Alex Hansford (@alexhansford) September 9, 2017

Your company needs a storyteller-in-chief

Excellent post by @Haje. I want to blog successes & failures more now! Read on Medium

If you're working for a startup (or about to, in my case) - a very useful reminder.

A few years ago I cofounded a startup called Known. It wasn't the success I wanted it to be. Here's a mini-tweetstorm about why it failed. — Ben Werdmuller (@benwerd) September 2, 2017

Autopsy of a slow train wreck: The life and death of a Django startup.

Insightful piece by a CTO of a small Django software company. View the transcript and more detail

What Does It Really Take to Scale a Tech Team

Employee onboarding for your growing team is absolutely key - so I love this story. Read more on Clubhouse blog