Product Lead

Working for a consumer-focused GDPR-compliant data/fintech startup. Building an innovative product from scratch using latest serverless stack and agile approach. :closed_lock_with_key:

SLC - Simple, Lovable and Complete

If you want your Product Manager to code, you’re doing it wrong

Having a good understanding of the technology your company uses is crucial, but expecting your product manager to code is not.

Product Owner

Working on a number of e-commerce initiatives for the platform update of Viking across Europe. :closed_book:

The problem with caveats*

Adding a caveat is rarely the right thing to do when talking about your product.

Product Owner (My Argos Card)

Launched the cross-platform mobile app for Argos Card customers and took it from zero to 500k+ active users. :chart_with_upwards_trend: The app had it’s fair share of technical & operational challenges early on. :construction: Focusing on customer satisfaction I improved the app rating to a more respectable 4 stars, and learnt a lot about app reviews in the process! :thumbsup:

Head of Product

Lead product development for a nationwide ‘Oyster card’ for renting desk space and meeting rooms by the hour. :credit_card: Headed up a distributed product/dev team and a broad number of systems including IoT, RFID, TV, tablet, mobile and web. :earth_africa: We created easy to use solutions which could be rolled out across hundreds of co-working locations around the UK. :office:

Product Manager (Digital Kitbag)

A product & operations role, focusing on roll-out of low-cost digital marketing solutions for SMBs by an incumbent sales organisation. :newspaper: Watch a video about it in a nutshell :tv:

Head of Operations

Working with friend and founder Paul we consulted on & delivered a variety of corporate projects on mobile/tablet & web. :bulb: Designing and building apps from scratch with limited resources made for some efficient solutions - as well as being lots of fun! :rocket: