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Flutter vs Xamarin and tools

Had to build a case for using Flutter over Xamarin today. That was fun (not). Why do many tool choices get overly opinionated and political so quickly. (Slack Vs Teams is a good example). — Alex Hansford (@alexhansford) September 19, 2019

Reading list

Bought books to make me feel better about my workload going back to work tomorrow. 😰 — Alex Hansford (@alexhansford) August 11, 2019

with Apple problems?

Apple's 'sign-in with Apple' service may just kill all third-party sign-in services, including its own. If you don't know about it, here's some detail... — Alex Hansford (@alexhansford) June 5, 2019

Tesla Model 3

I really want a Tesla Model 3. I really can't afford it. I really want a Tesla Model 3. I really can't afford it. I really want a Tesla Model 3. I really can't afford it. I really want a Tesla Model 3. I really can't afford it. — Alex Hansford (@alexhansford) May 1, 2019

Moving from GApps to personal gmail hell

Migrating from legacy GApps to personal @gmail for all services is a real pain. 😠 There's no technical reason @gsuite can't provide an easy-to-use migration (they already do for edu accounts, just not enabled for other account types). — Alex Hansford (@alexhansford) February 26, 2019

iPad reception screens suck!

Visiting @WeWorkUK for an interview at a company reminded me that iPad reception screens SUCK! 🤮 I designed a much nicer one a few years ago - it's a pity that it didn't go mainstream! Here's a wireframe if anyone's interested. — Alex Hansford (@alexhansford) February 19, 2019

My #frontend experience

Was talking about my #frontend experience yesterday, but completely forgot that only 9 months ago I designed and built an entire sign-up flow and website for a tech startup! #oops Moral: whenever you're doing something new (or something old), remember to stay positive! 👍 — Alex Hansford (@alexhansford) February 1, 2019


In case you didn't know, Milton Keynes is only 50 years old. Here's a map of the villages that were here before someone planted a garden city in the middle. #MK50 — Alex Hansford (@alexhansford) January 15, 2019


Watching the #IridiumNEXT #SpaceX launch is so inspiring. No matter how far away from excellence we feel we are, space has the potential to elevate us all to a greater plane. — Alex Hansford (@alexhansford) January 11, 2019

2019 work aims

This year, I want to lead a team building a great innovative product. 📱🚶‍♂️🤘 Ideally a flexible remote team or London/Oxford-Cambridge corridor. 🖥️🚆🚘 Also, I'd love to build a modest sideline using Flutter & Serverless - if there's time! Thanks Jess! ♥️ — Alex Hansford (@alexhansford) January 3, 2019