It's not nostalgia if it does what you want it to do

One of the challenges of having a blog is keeping it up to date. Something I’ve totally failed at several times.

So when I looked to replace my Wordpress site with something fresh and a bit simpler, I was surprised how more appealing Hugo was than spending ages re-working a Wordpress template & plugin combo - possibly paying (both time and money) in the process.

I like a minimalist, functional look, so after a bit of reworking - I’m back on Academic. I had to go from v2 up to v4.5 - so there were many breaking changes πŸ™€and I ended up starting again and copying content in, rather than going through the spaghetti of old incompatible files.
Also - I’m rather rusty with git.

Much much later

This did leave me with a problem though - what to do with all the old posts? The reality is that many of them add very little value, so some have been culled, but most will remain, as their points are still relevant today.

Now the new-old site is up, I’ll keep going - focusing on writing things I feel is important to me, and hopefully you’ll appreciate it too!

Alex Hansford
Alex Hansford
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