PSD2 may just kill contactless cards

You may have seen some recent emails from your bank - saying how they are making your banking more secure. What they aren’t …

It's not nostalgia if it does what you want it to do

How I ended up restoring my old site 18 months later

If you want your Product Manager to code, you’re doing it wrong

Having a good understanding of the technology your company uses is crucial, but expecting your product manager to code is not.

The problem with caveats*

Adding a caveat is rarely the right thing to do when talking about your product.

Are you listening to iOS developers now, Apple?

For a long time, Apple have had a rather childish view of negative App store reviews: if it’s broken, fix it and release an …

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all

This well known quote from manuals of etiquette is something that I try to live by, particularly on social media.

Running; Legend; Mia Sara

Parkruns; Minecraft & my thoughts on Legend.

Look away!

We managed to devour the 1st series of the Lemony Snicket reboot on Netflix in less than a week. It’s very good.


Ok, today feels a little weird.


Riotous and silly and a little obscene - and very funny!